What To Expect


Before you bring your items to recycle, here’s some helpful tips:

1.  You must have a valid state ID or driver’s license

2.  By state law, we will need to record any vehicle license plate number, obtain a copy of your driver’s license, and take a current picture of you for every transaction.

3.  Review the list of materials we do not accept to save yourself a wasted trip

- Propane tanks
- Tube TVs
- Refrigerators or air conditioning units with cut Freon lines (unless EPA licensed)

*Any fridge or A/C unit with Freon improperly removed can be donated to the Crime Stoppers. Any customer can donate any item to the Crime Stoppers. If this is something you are interested in, there is a container by the front gate labeled Crime Stoppers that you may throw your items in.

Our process:

1.  If arriving in a vehicle, you may be required to stop and be weighed at the entrance.  Please remain in your vehicle until you are waved on.

2.  Whether in a vehicle, on foot, or with a pushcart, you will then need to take your materials to be scrapped to our processing building.

3.  Upon entering the building, you will be directed to a scale, and your vehicle information recorded.

4.  One of our service personnel will take your ID to start your ticket, and assist you in weighing all of your material and recording it in a ticket.

5.  You will be given a receipt, and directed to the front office.

6.  The front office will process your receipt, and provide you with payment and a copy of your transaction.

That’s it!  We hope to see you soon!