Community Service

Supporting local city, community, and law enforcement

Mark Gray Enterprises is actively involved in their local community, providing a much needed source of jobs and stimulation to the local city economy.

Ohio Crime Stoppers

We also partner with our local crime stoppers to help protect local business and residents from theft of their metal belongings or products. Mark Gray Enterprises has been featured on local news casts and commended by the local police department for their efforts in ensuring that all scrapping transactions are done in compliance with the law.

Columbus Dispatch:  20,000 people barred from selling scrap

Mark Gray Enterprises on Fox 28:  Partnering with Crime Stoppers


State Compliance

We are in compliance with Ohio Public Safety Homeland Security Division. Our state-of-the-art computerized processing system allows us to update and add functionality to ensure we are completely compliant with state law. Every transaction is recorded and stored so we can be sure that our business runs with the highest standards of excellence. We also update our Do Not Buy List often. If you have any questions about this, please call our office.