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Mark Gray Enterprises is a scrap metal recycling yard. Please take the time to read through this page to understand our process, any notable restrictions, and helpful tips

on how to make your experience with us as smooth and simple as possible.

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What to Expect From Mark Gray Enterprises

Helpful tips

  • Beer kegs

  • Propane tanks

  • Tube TVs and computer monitors

  • Tires

  • Shopping carts

  • Burnt copper

We do not accept the following:

1. If you're arriving in a vehicle, you may be required to stop at the entrance

to be weighed in.


2. Please remain in your vehicle until you're given the green light to proceed.


3. Whether you're in a vehicle, with a pushcart or on foot, you'll be directed to take your materials to be scrapped into the processing building.


4. Upon entering the building, you'll be directed to a scale. At this time, your vehicle information will be recorded.


5. A member of our service team will take your ID to start creating your ticket, and assist you in weighing all of your material. This information will be recorded on your ticket.


6. You'll be given a receipt, and will be directed to the front office.


7. The front office will process your receipt, provide you with payment and a copy of your transaction.


That's all there is to it! We hope to see you soon. If you have any questions regarding our process, please contact us today for additional details.

Understand our full process

Trust in Over 50 Years of Combined Industry Experience!


Cash and Check Payment Options are Available!

This is not a complete list. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please call us at


Before bringing your items for recycling, here are some helpful tips to make your trip easier.

  • You must have a valid state ID or driver's license.

In compliance with state law, we will need to:

  • Record any vehicle license plate number.

  • Obtain a copy of your ID.

  • Take a current picture of you for every transaction.


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