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Mark Gray Enterprises is fully digital. We invested in a fully-computerized scrapping process in 2012, which allows us to provide full compliance with all enforced state laws and Ohio Public Safety Homeland Security Division. Get in touch with us for any additional information.

We keep our system regularly updated, as and when new information or laws are passed.


This ensures that both you and our company are able to scrap safely and fairly.

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Regular updates

Fully certified

  • All truck and retail scales are individually checked and certified twice a year. This ensures that all weight and measurements are exact.

  • All pricing is available on easy-to-read computer monitors in our office.

  • Our retail scales are located in a processing building. We are equipped with multiple scales to serve you as promptly as possible.

  • All IDs are checked against the state-provided "Do Not Buy List".

  • We are able to quickly scan your ID into our system for state law requirements during metal processing.

  • Each metal type is entered and recorded quickly and efficiently.

  • You will be provided a receipt for payment processing in our office.

Safety, security and quality service

All certifications, which allow us to legally and legitimately perform our services to the community are on display in our office, including:

  • Bureau of Workers' Comp. certification

  • Junkyard license

  • Scale permit

  • Homeland Security registration

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We accept a variety of metal products including:


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