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Releasing refrigerant into the air is not only illegal but also extremely harmful to the environment. Refrigerant is a chemical used as a refrigerant in a wide variety of products, but when released into the environment, it slowly destroys the ozone layer.


Dispose of unwanted Refrigerant-containing products and equipment properly, with the help of Mark Gray Enterprises. Contact us today to get paid while helping the Earth.

Do you have units with Refrigerant already evacuated from their system?


If you are in possession of such a unit without proper paperwork and/or an HVAC License, you are welcome to donate the unit to Crime Stoppers.


Call us at 614-272-0555 for additional details.

We Employ Proper EPA Procedures

Donate to Crime Stoppers

Mark Gray Enterprises is equipped with an EPA program to accept a variety of Refrigerant items including:

  • Refrigerators

  • A/C units


Get in touch with us to find out more about items we accept.

We accept a variety of items

Any units brought in with refrigerant already removed must be accompanied by the proper paperwork and/or an HVAC License in order to receive payment. All items brought in, that contain refrigerant are placed in our EPA room where they can be properly evacuated.


Following the proper recovery of Refrigerant from the unit, it is stored in approved cylinders until it can be picked up by licensed refrigerant recyclers. Our entire process is performed by licensed, trained professionals.

Learn about our EPA process

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Do Your Part For Our Environment With Proper Refrigerant Disposal.



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